Want to cook a fresh cream pasta with seasonal summer vegetables? Check this easy & healthy recipe we would like to recommend to anyone around the globe! With easy accessible ingredients no matter anywhere you are, you could cook a meal that could be in an Italian restaurant at your home. Check this recipe and make it your simple task for next week to make a rewarding lunch for yourself!

Why did you decide to cook this pasta?

Aside from the most basic tomato sauce or oil pasta, we wanted to include a twist, and aim for something we usually do not cook at home. Initially, I was going to use a tomato cream pasta sauce with Ricotta Cheese, but when I opened the jar, I had found out that it had gotten bad…! And this was right after I already sauteed the vegetables, so I had to quickly change my plans to create a tomato cream sauce from scratch! So here’s how I did it with simple steps below.

Ingredients for the pasta

・Zucchini – One of the main summer vegetables I chose for this recipe, is not just because of its fresh green color, but also because of the crunchy and juicy texture you could experience from this vegetable. Make sure to cut them into relatively large chunks to enjoy the texture.
・Tomato – This fresh and juicy tomato is the key component for the tomato cream sauce. Dice them up so they dissolve well with the milk to create the creamy sauce.
・Sausages – The protein I chose were the salty sausages. Of course, it’s okay to exclude this since the main character of the pasta is the summer vegetables, but why not add it?
・Spaghetti – We used regular spaghetti for the pasta, but any kind of short pasta would also match with this cream sauce and vegetables.
・Garlic – Also a key component to enhance your pasta into a higher level. Mince them so you could maximize the fragrance when you stir fry.
・Onion – Thinly slice the onions. The sweet taste will richly enhance your cream sauce flavor.

Ingredients for the Cream Sauce

・Soy milk – You need around 150ml. To aim for a healthier meal, we used soy milk. But fresh cream or regular milk would do just finely!
・Consomme – To add umami, we used a block of consomme to enrich it with chicken broth flavor.
・Shredded cheese – The key component for the sauce is this. Add as much cheese as you like. They will melt and mix well with the pasta, bringing the pasta into a whole new level.
・Salt & Pepper – Adjust the flavor with salt & pepper in the end.
・Olive oil & boiled water from the pasta – The mixture of these 2 components are necessary to combine oil & liquid umami all together!

How to cook Tomato Cream Cheese Pasta

Cut the ingredients into pieces advised above. You want the zucchini to be in larger chunks to enjoy the texture.

In a frying pan, saute the garlic, onions, zucchini, and sausages with olive oil until the zucchinis start to become transparent.

Then, add the diced tomato and the cream sauce ingredients (except for the olive oil & boiled pasta water) into the pan. While simmering the sauce, boil the spaghetti in salted boiling water. I cooked it for 4 minutes only, because we are going to heat it again inside the sauce. Now you can add about 50 ml of boiled pasta water and a table spoon of olive oil into the sauce pan. Transfer the spaghetti into the sauce pan, and mix thoroughly.

Despite the hassle with the tomato cream sauce jar gone bad, we think we made a better job cooking this pasta from scratch, and using the materials we had in our refrigerator. Because this was a lunch menu for the weekdays, I prepared beforehand from the last night to cut the ingredients in advance, which really helped me cook quick! This whole recipe could be cooked in 15 minutes if you prepare well. So challenge yourself to seek for a new sensational lunch while the WFH (work from home) continues!


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