Stir-fried Bitter melon aka Goya Champuru is a traditional dish of Okinawa, Japan. This bitter taste is quite unique only for Goya and I think this well match with beer, other refreshing drink and, of course, white rice too. And This recipe is so easy and healthy. We can make it without any meat so it can be recommended to vegetarians too.

Goya Champuru

Stir-fried Bitter melon with Tofu (Goya Champuru)

“Champuru” means “jumble” in the Okinawan dialect, and is a dish made by stir-frying tofu (Tofu) and various ingredients. When you use bitter melon aka Goya, name it “Goya Champuru”, and when you use bean sprouts aka marminer, name it “Marmina Champuru”. It is said to be derived from Malay or Indonesian “Champur”.

Goya Champuru

Main Ingredients for Goya Champuru

Goya – Bitter gourd is called “The King of Summer Vegetables” and contains a lot of vitamins. People say that it’s one of the reasons why many people live long in Okinawa. Because they often eat Goya, as a traditional food. Its bitter tastes is a key feature of Goya champuru. There are those who like it or hate it even in Japan because of its outstanding taste. But we strongly recommend you to try it at least once. Maybe you can open the door to the new world.


Tofu – In this recipe, we used pre-fired tofu actually because we think it’s more filling our fullness than normal tofu. But if you care about the fat strictly, it’s better to use normal tofu instead. But in that case, when yo mix the ingredients on the pan, more softly do it.
Umeboshi (pickled plum) – This is not a must-have ingredients. But we love to add it because Umeboshi’s sour and sweet taste make the entire taste more rhythmical and fun.

How to cook Goya Champuru

Cut bitter melon into half and hollow them with spoon


Then Slices Goya and Onions and cut the pre-fried tofu into dices. And make Umeboshi ready to remove the seeds inside plus roughly tear it by hand.

Goya Champuru ingredients

Stir-fry Tofu first until golden brown.


Then add onion and bitter melon, sprinkle salt and pepper.

Goya Champuru

When the vegetables are cooked through, season it with soy sauce, sugar and mirin. Add the egg and mix it. Stir-fry it a bit more.

Finally, sprinkle pickled plum aka Umeboshi and dried bonito flakes aka Katsuo-bushi if you may like. It’s done.

Goya Champuru


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