Would you like to feel summer? Yes! This special croquette recipe may take you to the ocean inside of your head. It’s so easy recipe, there’s almost no difference in steps from basic croquette. Take it easy and just try it !

Sea Lettuce and Edamame Croquette

Ingredients of Sea Lettuce and Edamame Croquette

Sea Lettuce aka Aosa – Aosa is a kind of “Nori” which is really popular for seasoning in Japan. You may have a chance to see Nori with Sushi like California role or Gunkan maki. Aosa has unbelievably nice smell like ocean. You definitely remember the wide view and breeze of ocean right after bringing it into your mouth. I personally think there’s no alternative.
In Japan, Aosa is very popular and often used for Onigiri,Okonomi-yaki, Tako-yaki and so on. That’s because Aosa is so easy to access and very cost effective price (around 100 yen/pack) in supermarket. If you live in other countries, you may get it through internet store like Rakuten or something with searching “Aosa”.
Edamame – Edamame is one of the representatives of summer vegetables. We love to use it to add fluffy texture and colorful green to our meal. In addition, as you may know, Edamame is really popular vegetable in Japanese Izakaya. Japanese people often order beer at the beginning of drinking party and salty edamame well match any kind of beer.

Sea Lettuce and Edamame Croquette

How to make Sea Lettuce and Edamame Croquette

Roughly wash the potatoes, place them in a pot without overlapping, pour enough water to cover them up. Then turn on the heat, and when it comes to a boil, reduce the heat to low and boil until potatoes are softened. If you can easily pierce potatoes with a bamboo skewer, they are done. It may take about 20 to 45 minutes, depending on the sizes.

Boil water in a separate pot, add two pinches of salt, and boil the edamame. After boiling, remove the seeds from the pods.

Peel the boiled potatoes with your hands, place in a large bowl, and mash it. When it cools down to body temperature, add the boiled edamame and sea lettuce (Aosa). Then gently mix it, form into a ball of your favorite size.

Then coat them with cake flour, egg and bread crumbs.

Sea Lettuce and Edamame Croquette

Heat oil, and fry the croquettes until golden brown. Drain the oil, serve with the green vegetables. If you want to make taste more refreshing, it’s recommended to squeeze lemon juice and sprinkle with coarse salt.

Enjoy !

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