If you have never tried the pork kimchi over rice, this is a must try for all spicy food lovers! Especially during this summer heat, this is a meal that would increase your stamina and will satisfy your belly with the spicy taste. Try out this 15 minute cooking recipe for your next lunch!

Pork Kimchi over Rice

As you may know, Kimchi is a popular Korean side dish, which are salty fermented vegetables with red chili, garlic, and fish sauce. In Korea, I’ve heard that when the Kimchi starts to get sour, they tend to be stir fried with meat to be served as a meal. This pork & kimchi originated in Korea is loved by many in Japan too, and it has become one of the popular “Donburi” (rice bowl) dishes here, and is called “Buta-Kimchi Don”. The tangy and spicy kimchi stir fried with the juicy pork is delicious already, but topping this over white rice gives it a comforting taste, and satisfying your appetite. Don’t forget the poached egg as a topping, as this creamy lava like egg will bring your rice bowl to a whole new level!

Main Ingredients for “Pork Kimchi Don”

There are probably various ways of making this, but we used these ingredients for 2 servings:

・Rice- Prepare cooked white rice as much as you like

・Pork (200g)- A highly nutritious protein that contains vitamin B, and great for boosting up your stamina on a hot day! Any kind of pork would do, but the thin sliced pork would be better and for this particular recipe. If you could find small cut pork in the supermarket, it will be convenient for cooking since you don’t have to cut it up.

・Kimchi (200g)- Pick any kimchi of your choice! Spicy, sweet, tangy… There are so much variations of kimchi. From our experience, the authentic Korean Kimchi is more spicy & sour than the ones in Japan where it is more sweet. We picked the kimchi closer to the authentic Korean version called the “Yangban Kimchi”, which is a Korean product!

These are the basic ingredients, but any kind of leftover veggies in your fridge would work to increase the volume. For ours, we included half of a scallion, and a hand full of shredded cabbage.

Now the ingredients for the sauce!
・Soy Sauce (2 Tbsp)
・Honey (1 Tbsp)
・Sake or White wine (1 Tbsp)
・Chicken Broth Dashi (Tiny bit)

Mix them well, and you will get something like this:

Sauce for Pork Kimchi Don

・2 Eggs- Cook poached eggs or a sunny side up for the topping, but we recommend you keep the inside uncooked so the yolk pours out on top of the pork & kimchi!

Your preparation is done!

How do you cook Pork Kimchi Don?

  1. Cut any vegetables or pork into bite sizes.
  2. Turn on the pan to medium heat and pour 1 tbsp of sesame oil. (If you don’t have sesame oil, regular oil does the same work!) Stir fry the pork and vegetables.

3. Once the color of the meat has changed, and the vegetables are still a little crispy, pour in the sauce and let it simmer for about a minute. Mix well until the sauce is evenly distributed.

4. Put in the kimchi and stir fry for 3-5 minutes.

5. Place rice in a bowl or a plate, and put the pork kimchi on top. Create a dent in the center for the egg to fit. Garnish with green leaves (coriander may match!) and sesame.


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