No eggplant No summer.
Eggplant is one of the most favorite summer vegetables for us. Every time we eat it, we surprise like “how juicy it is !”. As you may know, eggplant matches well with oil. That characteristics is maximized in this recipe, collaborating with cheese and grounded meat.

Eggplant cheese gratin

Eggplant cheese gratin can be prepare only with really easy steps. We think this recipe is popular all over the world but its taste are diverse. Here we are going to share you Japanese style eggplant cheese gratin with milder and rich taste. The point is using “Miso” as Kakusi-aji(隠し味) which means secret ingredients for enhancing taste and flavor.

Eggplant gratin

Ingredients of Eggplant gratin

Eggplant -This is a key ingredient of this recipe. Eggplant effect your body to decrease your blood pressure and body temperature. It’s recommended to have it in a hot summer day. So don’t avoid such a hot recipe,gratin, even in hot day.
Miso – We love to use Miso to make the taste milder. There are some hundred kinds of Miso in Japan. They are divided into several groups by production area, ingredients of koji (rice, wheat,beans) or color and taste. We are not particular about it but we usually use Red Miso. We think it has thick taste and flavor compared with white Miso and well match with some oily recipe.
Onion – We can add the refreshing and bit sweet taste by onion.
Tomato – Tomatoes is used for meat sauce as a fundamental ingredient. We usually use fresh one but of course, you can use a canned tomato too.
Garlic – Garlic is going to stimulate your good appetite and add good flavor. We recommend to use it.
Other Vegetables – We added green pepper to make the gratin more colorful and fun. You can add any kind of vegetables instead.
Basement(Carbo.) – In this time, we selected funny and colorful looking short pasta which was got in Italy while traveling. But I think rice or long pasta like spaghetti also work for this recipe. Think it through your open mind and if you find good one please share it with us.


How to cook Eggplant cheese gratin

Remove the stem from the eggplant, cut it into slices lengthwise, sprinkle with a little salt, and leave it for a while to drain. This step will prevent eggplant from over-absorbing oil. Then cut green peppers into stripes and onion into dices.


Heat 2 tablespoons of olive oil in a frying pan, and stir-fry both sides of egg plant, and take out.


As a next step, make the meat sauce. Cut the tomato into blocks as to get it into blender. Mix it with two table spoon of Miso in a blender.


Heat 1 tablespoon of olive oil in a frying pan, stir-fry the garlic, add the grounded meat and stir-fry.

Grounded meat

When color of grounded meat turns brown, add diced onion and stir frying until transparent.

Eggplant Cheese Gratin

Add other vegetables and lightly stir-fry.

Eggplant Cheese Gratin

Then add the Miso-tomato juice into frying pan and boil.

Eggplant Cheese Gratin

Place the pasta at the bottom of a gratin dish.

Eggplant Cheese Gratin

Pour meat sauce on the top of pasta.

Eggplant Cheese Gratin

Layer the eggplant and cheese.

Eggplant Cheese Gratin

Bake in the oven at 180 ° C for about 8 minutes or microwave 800W, 2min then burn the surface of cheese until golden brown with burner. (Actually, we love the latter method, easier for us.) It’s done.


Eggplant gratin
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