Kikurage mushroom is often use Chinese dishes as a supporting role. But in this recipe, we’d like to treat it as a main character with super crunchy texture.

Yakisoba with Kikurage mushrooms

Fried Noodles with pork & Kikurage mushrooms (Ankake Yakisoba)

We can say “Yakisoba” is the one of the most popular Japanese home-made meal. It’s popular for many people regardless age or gender but, in my image, boys are strongly attracted by its flavor and tastes based on brown sauce. But Ankake yakisoba is different from such a normal Yakisoba with sauce. It is consisted by 2 parts, “Yakisoba” aka fried noodle and “An”. An is like thick soup with Umami taste, it makes “Yakisoba” taste diverse. An-kake yakisoba is Yakisoba with thick umami soup on the top. Can you imagine it?

Ankake yakisoba

Ingredients for Kikurage Ankake yakisoba

・Kikurage – We really love Kikurage’s crunchy texture and we think there’s no alternative from a texture point of view. But if we talking about Umami only, I strongly recommend you to use Shiitake mushroom with so much Umami potential inside. Japanese people often use Shiitake to extract “Dashi” which is Umami liquid. I guess elingi mushroom also work with its funny texture like a trampoline inside your mouth.

Kikurage mushroom

・Meat – In this recipe, we use pork but we think any meat will match well with Kikurage. Seafood like scallop or shrimp is also recommended.

・Yakisoba – In Japan, we can easily access to the Chinese noodle with tuning for Yakisoba. But if you live in other country, you can use normal Chinese noodle or other noodles like spaghetti.

How to cook Kikurage Fried noodles

Firstly, micro wave the packed yakisoba noodles in a short time (within 40 sec. at 800W.)

Put the noodles in a bowl and pour sesame oil around it. Sprinkle salt and pepper and loosen it.

Heat the oil in a pan. Add the pork and stir-fry it until the color changes.


Add the Kikurage mushroom and stir-fry it until the oil mixes entirely.

Kikurage with pork

Cook the noodles in a separate frying pan. Cover the pan with the noodles so that the contact are of the pan and the noodles are as large as possible, and cook until golden brown.

Add soy sauce and water to the frying pan with the Kikurage mushrooms and pork and heat. Finally, add the katakuriko (cornstarch) dissolved in water to thicken.

Making An

Pour the sauce over the noodles, sprinkle with sesame seeds if you make like. And it’s done.



Why is micro wave useful for Yakisoba cooking?

This is the key-point to keep the noodle texture crispy and better. Yakisoba noodle is normally packed in a plastic bag to sell and every single noodles are sticking each other. We usually make yakisoba in their home, we often add water to stacked yakisoba on top of the pan to loosen it. And we sometimes add vegetables or meat in a same pan to cook. I think this is the worst case.
As you understand, adding more amount of water to yakisoba noodle, it absorbs more amount of water and gooey texture. So we don’t add even small amount of water to noodle directly, but to release it from stacked condition, we usually use micro wave.

Packaged Yakisoba
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