Have you ever experienced a moment that you’d like to eat something cold on a hot summer day ? If you have fresh tomatoes and kind of herb and seafood in your refrigerator, you can make colorful and wonderful chilled pasta without any efforts and time.

Why is this recipe recommend?

I’m guessing when people buy herb like parsley, they usually use a half of it and leave it another half to deep inside of refrigerator, right ? This recipe well works for that kind of remained food in refrigerator, shelf or freezer.

Ingredients for Tomato and Parsley Spaghetti

Tomatoes– We’re usually use “Fruit tomatoes” . Fruit tomatoes are special tomatoes sold in Japan, whose sugar content has been increased through breeding and cultivation methods. Normally, tomatoes are grown up in fully hydrated condition from the planting seeds to harvesting, and they’re usually harvested after the fruit has grown large. On the other hand, fruit tomatoes concentrate their nutrients by infusing only a small amount of water several times a day. So the fruit size is small and texture is getting more like firm . I like it very much because of that texture and strong sweetness. Even if you mix it with the herb which has strong flavor, the taste is still standing out and its sweetness balances the whole taste of dish. I’d like you to try it when you come to Japan. Of course, I think ordinary tomatoes are good enough to make this recipe, but if you want a little sweetness like using fruit tomatoes, I recommend you to add several dices of peach.
Herb – Goal of this recipe is to run out remained herbs in your refrigerator. So any herb will be welcomed, not only western herbs but also asian herbs like shiso or coriander. It’s up to you but please take care of the amount of them.
Pasta- Thinner pasta maybe better for chilled pasta like capellini but,for us, spaghetti is the easiest to access in Japan. So we usually use it.
Seafood– Shrimp and squid are used to enhance refreshing flavor in this recipe. As other option, minced anchovies also well work. It’s going to enhance the taste and flavor of pasta sauce richer and stronger. Of cause, you can use canned anchovies instead of fresh one.

How to make Chilled Tomato and Parsley Pasta

Firstly heat the water for boiling pasta. while you are waiting for that, cut the tomatoes and onions into the dices and roughly mince herbs.

Then, for the pasta sauce, mix up the olive oil, seafood, grated garlic and lemon juice. After that, let it chill in refrigerator until pasta is ready.

Once the water is boiling, add the pasta and stir the it regularly for a while to prevent it from sticking together.

After the pasta is done, quickly transfer them into iced water to cool it. When pasta is getting enough cold, mix it with pasta sauce which is ready in refrigerator.

Transfer to a serving dish garnish with dices of tomatoes,onions and minced herbs.

Variations of Chilled tomato and herb Pasta

Ingredients are just one example. The key component is remained herbs and tomatoes. Other ingredients may well match them and make refreshing taste.
Chilled peach,tomato,cheese and herb pasta – Cheese will make the taste more deep and complex. If you use sweet peach, it will be better to add little bit more salt than original recipe.

Enjoy !

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