This chilled pasta have not only refresh taste but also rich flavor which is able to feel you the fullness. Umami of mushrooms can be enhanced to maximum through the 2 steps, balsamic marinade and chilling. If you’re exhausted in a summer day, it’s worth to try it.

Chilled pasta with mushroom balsamic marinade and prosciutto

Chilled pasta with mushroom balsamic marinade and prosciutto

Salty taste of prosciutto well match with the pasta’s plain and light taste. Besides it may supply the salt which is lost from your body by sweat in the hot summer day. Not only prosciutto is the reason why we recommend you to cook this meal in summer but also balsamic vinegar and mushroom is. Vinegar include citric acid which can remove your body tiredness and mushrooms include plenty of vitamin B,C which tend to be easily lost with water in your body by sweat. This recipe is not just tasty but may help your condition better in hot summer day.
Actually, chilled pasta is not so major in Japan. We’re not sure the reason but we guess the wide variety of Japanese cold noodle could be one of the possibility. We have Udon, Somen, Soba and Cold-Ramen noodle moreover they have many kind of styles each. So we can enjoy cold noodle even if we don’t cook chilled pasta. But on the other hand, such a chewy texture of chilled pasta would be very unique and its simple and light taste, especially when chilled, is one of the attractive points for us. Because it means it matches well anything.

Chilled pasta with mushroom balsamic marinade and prosciutto

Ingredients chilled pasta with mushroom balsamic marinade and prosciutto

Mushroom – As you can see on the picture, we use shimeji mushroom and eryngii mushroom in this time. But any mushroom may work for this recipe.
Garlic – This is a key ingredient actually. Chilled pasta tend to be too plain but garlic help the taste getting more rich and stimulate our good appetite even in hot summer day.
Prosciutto – We love prosciutto. I usually eat it while drinking beer or wine, it matches so well. So I’m guessing the drinkers often have it in the refrigerator but for non-drinkers, we’d like to ask you to get it in the supermarket to try this recipe.
Balsamic vinegar/ Honey – Balsamic vinegar and honey enrich the whole taste and work to cure our body.

Chilled pasta with mushroom balsamic marinade and prosciutto

How to cook mushroom balsamic marinade and prosciutto pasta

Spread the 1 tbsp of olive oil on the frying pan and heat a minced garlic until the smell is coming up.


Add mushrooms and stir fry it until softened.

Shimeji mushroom

Add 2 tbsp of soy sauce, 1 tbsp of honey and 1 cup of balsamic vinegar.

Shimeji mushroom
Shimeji mushroom

Boil it until the marinade sauce is evaporated.

Shimeji mushroom

Transfer it to a medium bowl and put the ice and water in a large bowl. After that put the medium bowl in the large bowl with iced water to accelerate the cooling down.

Shimeji mushroom

Boil the less amount of water and throw the pasta into it when the water coming to the boiling. It is said that pasta tastes better when boiled in the less amount of water as much as possible. This is because the starch dissolved from the pasta becomes particles and coats around the pasta to improve the texture. The less water there is, the denser the particles are in the water and the easier it is to form a coating layer around the pasta noodles.
And stir the pasta around until first 3 min passed. Pasta tends to be sticking each other at the begging.


When the pasta is boiled enough, cool it down in the iced water immediately then transfer it into the other bowl and add the grated cheese.

Pasta with grated cheese

Mix the marinade mushroom with the pasta.

Chilled pasta with mushroom balsamic marinade and prosciutto

Sprinkle the prosciutto torn with your hands, shiso, grated cheese and black pepper. It’s done.

Chilled pasta with mushroom balsamic marinade and prosciutto


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