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Hi! We are Meg & Sho, a Japanese couple in our mid 20s, living in Tokyo, who love to eat, cook, and travel. We’re thrilled to connect with people around the globe, to share about international food & culture!

Our ultimate goal is to start a virtual cultural interaction through this platform, and support any first-time visitors to Japan! Not just home made cooking, but we would like to share great local restaurants, cost efficient bento lunches, & grocery items you could take back with you, and share the Japanese culture with your friends & family. So feel free to leave us any comments! We’d be happy to support you, especially if you’re planning on coming to Japan for the first time to live, or even for vacation.

Hi, I’m Meg!

To talk a little about myself, I was born in Yokohama, Japan. I grew up living in 4 different countries in Asia & the United States. Currently, I am 27, living in Tokyo with my husband Sho. I work at an International company on the weekdays. This is our third year of marriage, but I’m still an amateur (more of a beginner) cook to be honest… So all of the recipes I introduce, are fun, easy-to-make recipes just so you know! My favorite cuisine is Thai & Chinese. I love Thai green curry, pad thai, as well as the Sichuan spicy Dan-dan noodles and soup dumplings! My mouth is starting to water just by thinking about it…!

Since childhood, I was exposed to different cultures, languages, and life-styles through education in International Schools in Asia and American local high schools, and ever since I have been keenly interested in cultural diversities. Through the migration of these lovely countries, one of the components of culture I enjoyed experiencing was food! Every country has their own distinct food culture, and there are so many local foods that I truly miss, that are currently only accessible in that country. Living in Tokyo now, I realized that there are so many tasty foods that are still not introduced to the outside world. (And I wonder why! It is such a waste to not share this with people living in other countries!) So through this blog, I want to share Japanese culture through food, and simultaneously, make this an opportunity to connect with people all around the world!

Hi, I’m Sho !

I love eating and cooking so much. I am an really ordinary man who is born and raise in Japan, and now I’m 29 years old and working for the manufacturing company.

My goal is to make you fun with sharing normal Japanese Couple life and home-made dishes! And hopefully you will be inspired to enjoy something new, healthy and tasty recipe. As I said, we’re not the professional chefs, just full-time workers for a company. We think it’s a different point from other food bloggers so we’re going to share helpful information from that standpoint. At the same time, we’d like to communicate you via the comments@blog and get your understanding & curiosity for Japan more !

My favorite dish is Udon (Japanese style noodles), Katsu-don, Pad thai and more. Of course, I’d like to share how to cook them in our blog.

By the way when I’m thinking about international world, I’m always getting curious about how people in that country live and especially what they usually eat. I believe that there are quite a few people who have the same idea as me so I decided to start to share this Japanese life and food ! and I hope you are getting curious into it and have communication with us.

Why is cooking fun for me ?

I was born and raised in the country side of Japan. I was very big (not only tall) kid in my childhood and rally love eating. My mom is really good at cooking and she has so much recipes in her mind. Originally I just only request something to her but as I grow up, I was getting to help her and learn how to do that.

When I was 18, I left home to go to the university which is famous at science, far from home. I majored organic chemistry in university and graduated school. I was really absorbed into the activity in the Lab. and I spent almost all the weekday time for that. And I had another hobby in weekend. That was cooking! Preparing the ingredients, considering all the procedures, cooking something step by step and if any error happens, I was always looking back what I did and find the cause and fix it….. One day, I was getting aware that Science and Cooking is very close and I really love both of them. This is my short story about why I was crazy into cooking itself.

Why do I wanna share our life and meals to international people ?

I was really domestic guy until I started to work in current company. I had started to travel around the world with starting current job and getting curious about people in their life. In the first business trip, especially food is really shock for me. Completely different taste, colors, how to eat etc from Japanese… I feel cultural difference and interest of that from the meals. And during the first business trip, my teammate took me to Japanese-like restaurant which is famous in that country. I was really shocked again. I like that meals but they are completely different from real Japanese meal. At that time, I thought I’d like to share our real life and food for the international people and to understand each other more. I believe to know the food culture is starting point of understanding cultural difference.

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