Wow, I have only 15 minutes for lunch !
At that time, we strongly recommend you to cook this super easy Udon recipe. It may takes 10 minutes after mixing up ingredients.

Chicken and mushroom Udon

Chicken and Mushrooms Udon with Soy Sauce

Chicken and Mushrooms Udon with Soy Sauce is really simple but with full of flavors and taste coming from Umami taste of soy sauce. And in this recipe, we use a small amount of cornstarch. It makes the entire texture more thick and rich. We think you never imagine how delicious until actually cooking it.

Chicken and mushroom Udon

Why this recipe works?

I think this is really helpful for hard workers who cannot spend much time to cook. This Udon recipe takes only less than 20 min total and you don’t need to use any pans to heat if you have a microwaves.

Ingredients of garlic and soy sauce Udon

Chicken – We think chicken thigh well matches with this rich and thick seasoning. But if you care about fat like us, chicken breast also works.
Mushrooms – You can use any mushrooms to this recipe but we recommend you to use the mushrooms with not-so-much scent. Because garlic and soy sauce are getting a great collaboration to make good smell which stimulate you appetite. So don’t make it clash by other ingredients.
Garlic – This is a key ingredients to make you feel fullness and satisfaction. It’s better to add.
Egg – We love to set a poached egg on the top of Udon or Don (Rice bawl). It make looks colorful and taste milder if you break the yolk into Udon. Normally we cook poached egg in a pan with boiled water but you can cook it by microwaves too. It’s really easy so I explain it later in this article.
Freeze Udon – We’re not sure if you can get it abroad or not. But in Japan really useful packages of Udon. That’s stacked and freeze, once we throw it into boiled water and keep waiting only for 1 or 2 minutes, it’s getting ready to eat. If you cannot access to it, you have to do only one additional task which to boil Udon separately.

Chicken and mushroom Udon

How to cook Chicken and Mushrooms Udon with Soy Sauce

Firstly, let’s prepare the sauce. Ground a garlic and mix it with 1tsp of sugar and 2 table spoon of soy sauce.

Secondly, let’s make the ingredients ready. Cut the chicken into dices and cut the bottom of Shimeji mushrooms and make it separate into small parts by your hand.

Finally, place the freeze Udon, sauce and other ingredients in one dish togeher.

Chicken and mushroom Udon

Lightly wrap it with saran wrap(like a dorm) and microwave it for 8min ,800W. After that take it out and mix it as sauce is evenly distributed.

Chicken and mushroom Udon

OK, it’s additional step to make a poached egg. Break the egg into small bowl and pierce the yolk (making several holes) with ice pick or folk. It may prevent the yolk from explosion in microwave. After that pour water into the small bowl until water covers entire egg. Then microwave it with 600W, 2min around. Don’t go away from there at that time, watch the color changes and when you think it’s getting appropriate state, stop the microwave. Then dispose the remained water in the small bowl into sink, you can obtain a poached egg only by microwave. Be careful explode it, don’t for get piercing the egg and keep recipe 600W, less than 2min.

Finally serve the Udon to the dish and put a poached egg on the top. Sprinkle the minced Japanese leek as you like. It’s done.


Chicken and mushroom Udon
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